Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lilla Rose Product Review and Party!

I am so excited!! I got review an amazing product by Lilla Rose courtesy of one of their fabulous independent consultants, Emily.  I did a video review to tell you all about it!  If you like what you see, head of to Emily's facebook page by clicking here.  She will help you order or even set up an online party for you.  Also, I will be hosting a party of my very own!!  I am really excited to do this and to help Emily's business grow SO I asked that we give all of my party credit to one lucky SoaG fan!  I have a party link all set up.  Everyone that makes a purchase will be put in a drawing to win a chance at being the Mystery Hostess.  You can head over and shop now by click THIS LINK.  There will be a ton of great stuff going on.  Everyone who virtually attends my party and makes a purchase will also be entered in a drawing to win other Lilla Rose items.  One of them being the Spring Bouquet Medium Flexi Clip that is featured in my review.  The party itself will happen live on March 25th but you can go ahead and shop now while you're waiting!  This party is in no way benefiting me.  Like I said ALL credit will go to one lucky winner!  This is a Mystery Hostess Party for all of my family, friends, followers, readers, and whoever you want to invite.  Now go grab some popcorn, make fun of how silly I look on video and learn a little about this fabulous product.  THEN, get your shopping on!!  Be sure to use the shopping link I provided titled "THIS LINK" otherwise you will not get in the drawing for the mystery hostess spot or other giveaways.

click me>>MYSTERY PARTY LINK<<click me

The back of my hair :)

Now for our feature presentation. 
(Yeah, yeah, I know, "It's about time lady!") 



  1. omg where did that accent come from! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. I hope one of those 4 came from my party?? If not maybe you need 5! hahaha


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