Friday, December 7, 2012

A Nation Offended. Christmas Edition.

That is offensive!  A phrase our society has become accustomed to using.  It has become a pathetic attempt at attention, in my opinion.  CRAP!  I just stated my opinion.  Surely, I have already offended someone! 

I just need to put this out there.  You need to be YOU!  Stop pouting and accept that others who don't agree with you are not out to get you.  They just have a different outlook on what they want for their lives.  This is one of the great things about living in a free country.  

If you don't like an opinion that others have then you can turn away.  You aren't required to appreciate anything just because others do.  

I am angry that a bunch of people who run around crying at the drop of a hat over a Christmas Tree being put up at the local town hall can moan, groan, and cry "I'M OFFENDED!!!  GIVE ME MY WAY OR I WILL HOLD MY BREATH UNTIL I PASS OUT, (((Stomp, stomp, kick, kick, wah, wah))), I'M SUING!!"  Deal with it!  Put on your Big Girl and Boy Panties (God knows, we don't want to offend the "men" out there.  Wait did I say God?  Crap. Here I go offending... again) and deal with it!  

You don't get to ruin the world for the rest of us because you got your feelings hurt.  If you don't believe in Christmas, it is very simple, don't celebrate it.  Don't put up a tree, or lights, or put gifts under the tree. Don't torture yourselves with the Elf on a Shelf.   Don't partake in those amazing super cheap holiday sales on flat screens and blue rays. Don't go to church, or sing Christmas songs.  Don't put up stockings over your chimney.  Don't make a turkey, or ham, and don't smoke a brisket or make homemade tamales.  Forget the Christmas eve lasagna, don't drink the wine or buy the party dresses or ugly Christmas sweaters for that office party.  For pity sake, do us all a favor and  DON'T GO TO THE OFFICE PARTY.  If someone looks at you and says Merry Christmas and you don't believe, reply with "happy holidays"...reply with bah humbug for all I care.  Don't impart on one's freedom of speech by yelling, and crying to a judge that someone wished you a Merry Christmas and hurt your poor, wittle, feewings.  


Why is it that when voting on something "the majority rules" EXCEPT if someone throws a big giant temper tantrum?  Honestly, if more people hate the Christmas tree in town square that the city put up then instead of WASTING tax money on temper tantrums in court that cost tax payer a lot of money, why not just put it on the ballot at the next election and let THE PEOPLE vote.  Not a judge and a crybaby!  

I just can't comprehend the mental issues one must have to make such a spectacle over something like a Nativity Scene or A Christmas tree...or the word Christmas.  I respect others traditions.  I don't agree with them always, but I respect their choice of celebration or lack there of.  What if I went to a judge and court and was angered and offended that they don't celebrate Christmas like me and if they don't get into the holiday spirit, I will sue them for promoting Atheism by lacking a lighted tree?  Do I care that people are Atheists?  Nope.  Do I care that you are Jewish?  Nope.  Catholic?  Nope.  Agnostic?  Nope.
It doesn't hurt my feelings one way or another.  You be what you want to be.  FYI:  Not everyone who celebrates Christmas is a Christian either.  Some are just traditionalists who enjoy the holiday. 

Why does it have to be ruined for everyone else?  Especially, children who enjoy it?  Please get a grip, get over whatever issues you have and let people enjoy their lives, and freedoms and you enjoy yours.  Coexist folks!  

Ready for the best part of my blog?  I made my very first Grumpy Cat Meme!!  I'm "Squeeeeeeee-ing" with excitement!  Have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas Y'all!!  


  1. This is great! I don't celebrate the holidays but I don't go around trying to make others miserable for doing it. I laughed pretty hard reading this because I hate when people try to convince me I should celebrate them! I leave it at if you like to know my reasons for not, I'd be happy to share them otherwise have fun doing whatever it is you do! Great rant love!

  2. This is awesome! I laughed through the whole thing. People really do need to get a grip. We don't discourage other races holidays or celebrations. Why do they do this to ours? I, for one, wish every religion, race or whatever to celebrate their lives and their holidays whenever and however they want. Just be happy and get along people. That is all we ask. The world is a sick enough place without all the worries about a tree, lights, decorations or Nativity Scenes.
    This was a great read. Thanks for sharing! I love you!

  3. Oh my! I am in love with your blog! After pokin' around a bit I feel like we could be sisters we're so similar! (okay that sounded creepy)

  4. I'm with you on this. I myself have already done my share of ranting about Christmas and "people" on my blog Such a beautiful season and people just keep getting uglier and uglier.

  5. Important point told in a very funny way. Down with the Crybabies! Hip, hip, hooray for coexisting! Ellen

  6. Love this girl and it is so so true.


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