Monday, October 13, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

My sweet Adeline.  This is dedicated to you....My fierce, strong willed, beautiful, LARGER-THAN-LIFE, overly dramatic, adventurous, amusing, determined, yet oh so delicate Angel.  I hope you read this someday, and understand the importance it has, not just to in your life, but in the lives of many other young girls like you.  You are deserving of the world placed in your hands on a silver platter......You and every other young lady.  You are important, you should be heard.  You have a say in your life.  You ARE NOT a possession.  You are loved.  You are wonderfully, fantastically, amazingly, YOU!  Embrace it my sweet girl.  Embrace every ounce of life you can take in.  Live it to the fullest, and without regret.  Live it on your terms. Love with no limits. Be you.  Be Love.  Be happy.  Just BE!    You will do great things.  There is no doubt in my mind.

To whom  it may concern:

You don't deserve what has happened to you.  That light you forgot to turn off was an accident.  The towels that weren't hung evenly on the rack can be fixed later.  The crumbs on the floor aren't going anywhere.  They can wait.  Being home 5 minutes later than usual from work happens.  You can't control that.  The wrinkled sheets that you left in the dryer when your baby started fussing, or the phone rang, can be ironed later.  Leaving to visit your parents before picking up the house is not a sin.  Heating up leftovers instead of making a 5 course meal, after working a 10 hour day, happens.  Initiating conversations with others, in hopes of making a new friend, is completely normal.  Accidentally hanging a gray t-shirt in with a white one is OKAY. You don't deserve what has happened to you.  Everyone make mistakes.

Getting beat up over little mishaps is not okay!  You are a human being, you have feelings, emotions, your body understands pain, mentally and physically.  You should not be getting kicked around, slapped around, or belittled.  This is not okay.

 It is also not setting a good example for the future women of America.  Including my daughter.  My sweet  Adeline,  I don't believe that any other parents think it's okay that their sweet little girl is being hurt either.  Or do they even know?  How long have you been hiding the abuse , and explaining away the bruises, black eyes, cuts, scrapes, and fountain of tears?  How long have you been living in this situation and suffering in silence?  How many times has a weapon been pulled, a knife held to your throat, a gun held to your head? Can you even admit it to yourself?  This is a serious question.  Can you admit it?

To whom it may concern,

If you don't want to have sex, you don't have too.  Married or not.  Making you feel guilty over it, or claiming you must be cheating on them if you don't have sex with  them right this very second is emotional blackmail.  They know you will give into this blackmail just for the sake of peace in the home.  Sex for the sake of not being beaten, or to avoid emotional abuse is NOT love, it is a crime!  It is nothing less  than rape.  Married or not.  Don't forget, you are a person, a human, deserving of the right to a choice.  You are not a possession.  Yes, you heard me right.

To whom it may concern,

I have lived this life.  I am here admitting it.  I  did get away.  I did not suffer the unbearable amount of violence that so many have before me, and that so many continue to suffer through.  Mine  started with a fractured arm.  He was a drunk.  I came home from work at 2 am from my job waiting tables at Buffalo Wild Wings.  He was drunk, grabbed my arm, and flung me across the  room.  He asked me how many men hit on me that night while working the bar side of the restaurant.  When I told him to relax, no one was hitting on me, he went on to grab me by my throat, push me down the hall, bust the screen out of our 2nd story apt building, and try to push me through.  I was able to free myself, get to the ER, and have my arm looked at.  Their first question was "How did you hurt your arm?"  My answer is what sent my life into a downward spiral.  I lied.  I answered by saying "I fell down the stairs" From then on, it was excuse after excuse.  I was so scared, and embarrassed to tell the truth, that when I was given a black eye (while holding my 2 year old) and was knocked unconscious, people would ask what happened, and I would laugh and say "You'd be amazed at the strength of a 2 year old's right hook"  Yes,  I blamed the black eye on my 2 year old, and shoved it off as an accident during a rough housing episode.  I've been chased with knives, and held down on the floor with a knee in the chest, and two hands around my neck while my 2 year old son slept peacefully down the hall, never knowing that his mother was being strangled.  Guess what though?  I got brave.  I was bigger than him at the time.  I had put on a lot of weight because of the depression.  I felt I could take him.  I wiggled an arm free, and do you  know what I did????   I fought  back!!!  I punched him right in the face.  Blood spewed everywhere.  I took control.  I saved myself!  Guess what happened next though?  You're going to love this.  He called the cops on me.  ON ME!!!!  Reported that I was going crazy and beating him.  This is what an abuser does.  I don't have to tell you that though.  You too are living  this life.

To you, the person this concerns,

You can leave.  You can find a support system elsewhere if you don't have anyone to help you.  There are multiple shelters with safe guards in place.  Places like this fabulous organization called  They will help you locate a shelter with just a few clicks of your mouse.  There are people who desperately want to help.  There are resources available.  YOU CAN DO THIS.

To whom it may concern,

Leaving is scary.  My Aunt left.  She got her divorce, and thought she was going to move on and be happy, and she was until she took her last breath.  Her ex-husband stalked her, got in to her house, and shot her in the back of the head with a sawed off shot gun while she was asleep, peacefully, next to a new man.  One who loved her, and cared for her.  One that made her smile everyday,  She knew she was going to die when she left.  She said it over and over.  She took every precaution, but it just wasn't enough.  She's gone.  She's left 3 children.  Her ex killed the new man in her life as well, then he turned the gun on himself.

This event tore us up.  This tragedy ripped our family to shreds.  The shine in the eyes of my family faded a little that day.  The happy go lucky days of family gatherings and laughter have lessened.  The laughter from the days before her passing are just an echo in my memories.  There isn't a day that any of us don't think about her.  These events stick with a family.  The pain fades, but doesn't leave.  The happiness returns, but it's tarnished.   The only glimmering eyes I see, are those of my babies.  My youngest most innocent baby helps keep the light flickering.  The innocence in her heart help make life simple again.  Sometimes life feels normal and unchanged.  I  have the innocents, the children,  my children, my cousin's children, all the children to thank for that.  The small pure souls of happy children bring my family back to life when they're around. Their unconditional love, their giggles, their smiles, their kind hearts.  They make things OKAY.  Even if it's just for a short time, it's better than no time.

To whom it may concern:
This was not meant to scare you away from leaving a bad situation.  This story, this very real story, was meant to prevent our future young ladies from getting into this kind of relationship.  The cycle needs to be broken, and it starts with us.  With moms raising good young men, and aware young women.

To whom it may concern,

I can't tell you what to do.  I can't tell you you're stupid for staying. I get it.  I can tell you that there are far more survivors than deaths.  I can tell you that it's really hard to break free of a cycle that is ingrained in you.  I can tell you that I do understand, and I don't judge you.  I can tell you that you aren't stupid, but you should find help.  I can tell you that I don't want you to end up dead.  I can tell you that abusers do not change.  Don't believe them.  Their pleas for a second chance are nothing more than an emotional attack on your already fragile soul.  It's just more manipulation to keep you under their keep them in control.  I can tell  you that they do mean business when it comes to NEEDING that control over you.  I can tell you that YOU, the person this concerns, DESERVES HAPPINESS.  Yes, you!

Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate
Mother of a beautiful daughter, and two sweet boys.

 My family and I doing a walk for Domestic Violence Awareness.

You can watch the walk video here.  They interviewed my grandma, and a woman who survived be shot in the back of the head. A woman's strength is truly amazing!! 

How can you tell if your daughter may be in a potentially abusive situation?  Assess her situation using these guidelines that I borrowed from West Island Women's Shelter

How can I tell if a man I’m seeing will become abusive? Early Warning Signs:

He speak disrespectfully about his former partners
A certain amount of anger and resentment toward an ex-partner is normal, but beware of the man who is very focused on his bitterness or who tells you about it inappropriately early on in your dating. Be especially cautious of the man who talks bout women from his past in degrading or condescending ways or who characterizes himself as a victim of abuse by women. Be alert if he says that his previous wife or girlfriend falsely accused him of being abusive-try to get her side of the story. Be cautious of a man who says that you are nothing like the other women he has been involved with, that you are the first partner to treat him well, or that earlier women in his life have not understood him.

He is disrespectful towards you
Disrespect is the soil in which abuse grows. If a man puts you down or sneers at your opinions, if he is rude to you in front of others, if he is cutting or sarcastic, he is communicating a lack of respect.

He does favors that you don’t want or puts on such a show of generosity that it makes you uncomfortable
These can be signs of a man who is attempting to create a sense of indebtedness.

He is possessive and jealous
Jealous behavior is one of the surest signs that abuse is down the road. Possessiveness masquerades as love. Jealous feelings are not the same as behaviours. A man with insecurities may naturally feel anxious about your associations with other men, especially ex-partners, and might want some reassurance. But if he indicates that he expects you to give up your freedom to accommodate his jealousy, control is creeping up. Possessiveness shows that he doesn’t love you as an independent human being but rather as a guarded treasure. After a while you will feel suffocated by his constant vigilance.

He is self-centered            
Watch out for a man that does most of the talking, listens poorly when you speak, chronically switches the topic of conversation back to himself. Self-Centeredness is a personality characteristic that is highly resistant to change, as it has deep roots in profound entitlement or to severe emotional injuries (in non abusers) or both (in narcissistic abusers)      

Nothing is ever his fault
He blames something or someone for anything that goes wrong. As time goes by, his target of blame increasingly becomes you. He may make promises he can’t keep, coming up with a stream of excuses for disappointing you or behaving irresponsibly, and perhaps taking serious economic advantage of you in the process.

He gets too serious too quickly about the relationship
Watch out if he jumps too soon into planning your future together without taking enough time to get to know you and grow close, because it can mean he’s trying to wrap you up tightly into a package that he can own. If he won’t respect your wishes to slow things down, there is probably trouble ahead.

He abuses drugs or alcohol
Although substances do not cause partner abuse, they often go hand in hand.

He pressures you for sex
Not respecting your wishes or feelings regarding sex speaks of exploitativeness, which in turn goes with abuse. It also is a sign of seeing women as sex objects rather than human beings. If he says you need to have sex with him to prove that you truly love and care for him, this is a sure sign of abusiveness.

He intimidates you when he is angry
Intimidation, even if it appears unintentional, is a sure sign that emotional abuse is on the way-or has already begun-and is a warning flag that physical violence may eventually follow.
Intimidation includes:
  • Getting too close to you when he is angry, putting a finger in your face, poking you, pushing you, blocking your way or restraining you.
  • He tells you that he is “just trying to make you listen.”
  • He raises a fist, towers over you, shouts at you, or behaves in any way that makes you flinch or feel afraid.
  • He makes vaguely threatening comments, such as, “you don’t want to see me mad” or “you don’t know who you’re messing with.”
  • He drives recklessly or speeds up when he is angry.
  • He punches walls or kicks doors.
  • He throws things around, even if they don’t hit you.

He has double standards
Beware of a man who has a different set of rules for his behavior than for yours.

He has negative attitudes toward women
Stereotyped beliefs about women’s sex roles also contribute to the risk of abuse. His conviction that women should take care of the home, or that a man’s career is more important than woman’s, can become a serious problem, because he may punish you when you start refusing to live in his box.  Women sometimes find it challenging to meet men who don’t have restrictive beliefs about women’s roles, particularly within certain cultural or national groups, but the effort to meet such men is an important one. 

He treats you differently around other people
Adult abusers tend to put on a show of treating their partners like gold when everyone is watching, reserving most of their abuse for times when no one else will see. In teenage abusers, the opposite is often true. He may be rude and cold with her in front of other people to impress his friends with how “in control” and “cool” he is but be somewhat nicer when they are alone together.

He appears to be attracted to vulnerability
Some abusive men are attracted to women much younger and/or at different developmental and maturity levels than them, or they may be attracted to women that have had a recent traumatic experience. He is attracted to the power imbalance in this type of relationship.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dan, Dan, The Scammer Man Part 1

Your phone rings early one morning.  It's a friend.  You are just informed that your friend's daughter went to bed the not before, but never woke up.  Cause of death?  Dead in Bed Syndrome.  It's a horrible, and extremely scary term for an unexplained complication, due to Type 1 Diabetes.  Sadly, most of these cases have been found in patients UNDER the age of 40.

Now, imagine when you received that phone call, that you also happened to have a child with the same auto immune disorder. AND that child also happened to be asleep in her bed at the time of the phone call.  First reaction?  Run as fast as you can to that child's bed and shake the child, all while fumbling for test strips and a meter, and yelling for her to wake up!  That's the answer I would not only assume, but have heard from a T1D (Type 1 Diabetic) parent.   A parent who happens to be a friend.  A parent who, after receiving that exact phone call, called me devastated.  A parent whose ramblings were incoherent.  She was terrified!  This happens to other people.  People you don't know.  People you can't touch, and aren't real.  This is stuff on the news.  The news that is far, far, FARRRRRRR away!  That's who it happens  to.  Not to your friends, and definitely not to you.  Except. it did happen.  It happened in our own backyard.  It happened to a real, live person.  A person you care about.  A person you can touch, and hug, and cry for, and if it happened to that person....then surely it could happen to you....

Then you break down, and you wonder...

"What if this happens to me?"
 Now, more than ever, you set your sites on a cure.  You grasp on to what little hope you can that someday, if you do enough JDRF walks, and raise enough funds for these companies, that a cure will happen.  Preferably before your kid falls victim to Type 1 Diabetes.  During all of your research for cures you stumble upon a miracle.  A furry, four legged, squishy, puppy faced, MIRACLE.

Guardian Angel service Dogs

Their motto?
Building Relationships. Changing Perceptions. Enriching Lives.
What do they do? (from their site)
"Guardian Angel Service Dogs, Inc. is a fully incorporated 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to provide education and training about the role of service dogs and the different types of assistance they may provide to persons with health issues such as Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, Hypoglycemic
Unawareness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. It is important for the general public to know that people whose lives might be improved or even saved by having a service dog, may not have a visible disability. Health issues that are classified as disabilities by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) offer diagnosed individuals the legal entitlement to enjoy full public access with their service dogs."
A dog that can alert to changes in blood sugar!!  This is an answer to the prayers of so many T1D parents, and T1D adults!  No more worrying!  You might finally get a good nights sleep thanks to your loved one's new Guardian Angel.  Obviously, calling and learning more would be your next option, right?


So, you get in touch with the company, and a few days later you receive an email from none other that Dan Warren himself!  He wants to chat with you personally about everything!  Wow!  This must be a great company if the owner of the non-profit chats with his clients personally!
And that motto at the bottom!!  "Until there is a cure... There is a dog.  Hope is good!
Wow!  Heart=Melt
Dan Warren is every mom's new hero!! 

Sign me up!

Then you receive your welcome letter.  That really makes it official. 

Only $1,000 to get a family on the list!  Can't put a price on peace of mind, right?

Wow!  This is a lot of information to take in, but can you imagine the excitement these families must have been feeling??  The fundraising ideas that were already filling their heads.  Their minds full of vivid images, and dreams of their child or loved one's savior, were becoming a reality with every passing minute.  Donation solicitation letters are already being drafted in your name, and a dream is now a reality.

Can you imagine getting hundreds, or even thousands of these sent out on your behalf?  Then news stations pick up your amazing story.  Fundraisers such as; 5K's, raffles, benefits, 50/50 drawings, home based business parties, etc... all getting set up.  An outpouring of love from the community begins to flow in, and all of the warm, fuzzy, feel goods, fill up your insides.  You are one step closer to having your mind put at ease.  All you need to do to be on the puppy list is simply raise your $1,000 deposit! 
A few days after your fundraising attempts start emails like the following start coming in. 

$1,000!!!!!!!  It's official!  Your family is on the list.  Now it's just a matter of waiting for your puppy!  In the meantime, you will be encouraged to fund raise, fund raise, fund raise.  

Then something magical happens.  You're just scrolling through facebook minding your own (and everyone else's) business, and BAM!  You see this!!

Could this be your litter??  You're back to that overwhelming feel of joy, and excitement.  This could be your litter!  It's just a matter of matching puppy temperaments with each family's specific needs.  Things don't get anymore nerve wracking, or exciting than this!!!  Just a few short weeks, and you will know if one of these sweet, perfect, life saving puppies, will find it's way into your home, and your heart.  You stalk The Warren Retrievers Facebook page every day until it happens!  Then when it does, you get to post this::


This family received their life saving news, and couldn't wait to share it with the world.  I can only imagine the excitement that the entire community felt for them.  They did, after all, help this family achieve their goal.  

Now the fun starts!!!  YAY!!!!!  
First, the families get a delivery date.  Like this family did:

Then the families start receiving more information.  One thing at a time.

 The first email a family usually gets is the one about the "care package"
It goes a little something like this::

How adorable!!  Puppy care packages, and it's all included in the fundraising totals!  Finally feels real now, doesn't it?  Better get those homes puppy-proofed, there's a playful, pint sized pup coming your way!  
After this letter is received, things start to pick up.  Family's must start prepping their homes, friends, family, community, and lives for this new addition.  It's just like having a new baby.  Except, this new baby is going to be under strict rules, special training, wearing training gear, and beginning it's journey to save the life of it's new human.  That's a lot of responsibility for a small pup, but thanks to Warren, it is possible.  The families are all anxious to see their new bundles.  They are always sending emails with questions about the training and arrival dates.  Who wouldn't want to get this party started???  Am I right?
Warren sends out emails to let all new owners, to inform them of what to expect, flight numbers, and other training related information.  This is an example of an email that one would receive prior to their new pup's  arrival.

Holy smokes!  Things are really starting to move fast.  Before you know it, this is what is happening::

Yes, you guessed it!  This is a Type 1 Diabetic child meeting her new, life saving, life changing puppy for the very first time.  This photo was taken in the airport the moment the puppy got off the plane.  Wipe the tear, it gets better. 

See, I told you.  

Now, imagine you have all of these emotions rushing through you you!  Imagine your state of mind.  Imagine the emotions that are taking over your thoughts.  Imagine how you would feel if you saw your child's savior staring you in the face. 

Can you imagine the load that has been lifted.  The idea that after a lot of hard work and aggressive training can lead to a peaceful night's sleep is more than any T1D parent could ever dream of...could ever hope for...could ever imagine!

Now, imagine speaking with the media about your miracle, introducing your pup to all of the local emergency management teams in the area.  Think about taking him to restaurants, book stores, Target, Walmart, and any other place your little heart can think of.  Spending 2 days of your time doing this training, visiting the vet, falling in love, and 

Feels good doesn't it?

Now imagine the trainer looking at you, (right before leaving) throwing a stack of papers on the table and telling you, 
"This is your non-negotiable contract with Warren Retrievers.  Sign it before I leave, or you will forfeit the puppy, and I will be forced to take it back with me."

Wait, what? 

Yes, you just read that right.  A contract.... a contract that you will be strong armed into signing, or risk losing the life saving, NON-REFUNDABLE, puppy that you, AND your community worked so hard to get.  
What would you do?  

 Call a lawyer? The lawyer can't help...the contract is non-negotiable. 
So, not being a lawyer, and realizing that if you don't sign them, that your life saver will slip between your fingers, you'd probably sign them.  What else do you do?  Tell your child, husband, wife, sister, aunt, brother, mom, dad, whoever may have the disease, that they lost their last bit of hope?  No one is going to do that.  What's the worse that could happen anyway?  This is a legit 501(c) corporation.  They are producing beautiful, life saving animals, and making my family life saving promises.  Surely, a company wouldn't be cruel enough to lie....right?

Find out HERE.

Dan, Dan, The Scammer Man Part 2

Like I said in my last post.  Surely no one would be that cruel.  No one would pray on the emotions of innocent families trying to overcome their fears of a disease that could take a life, without notice, at any time.
If you think that, then you haven't met or heard of Dan Warren.  The owner, and President of Service Dogs, By Warren Retrievers.

You see, there were so many unsuspecting families for Mr. Warren to target.  He knew it, and he knew how to hit where it hurt.  Preying on the lives of children.  Hitting parents right in the gut.  Right where he knew it would hurt the most.  It is almost genius.  Like a mad evil scientist.  I bet he even does the crazy laugh before he goes to bed, and I would not even be slightly surprised if a clap of thunder and a lightning strike came down as he did it.

Only someone so arrogant, and narcissistic as a man like Dan Warren, could pull that off.  Let me tell you all the rest of the story.  The story his Facebook Pages, and Websites, AREN'T telling you.  I am going to tell you the REAL story.

In this story you will hear some things that will make your stomach churn.  It will break your heart, and make you want to commit a crime.  When all of the rage begins to boil, step back, take a deep breath, and think about the amount the people involved in this disaster feel, then quadruple that, and add a trillion.

Okay, so you signed the stupid contract.  The one mentioned in the previous story.  The one you didn't want to sign but did because of the threats.  Now, here you are with your puppy.  You have been through round one of puppy training school, and are excited to start working on "at home" training.  What kind of training tool were you left with for your very young pup?  Want to see?  I want you to have a visual.

This image is of a Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers trainer teaching a new Warren Family how to handle a pup by using an ill fitting prong collar.  A TRAINER.  Misinforming a client on proper dog training techniques.  
This image should be on a poster for "HOW NOT TO USE A PRONG COLLAR"

The collar is too far up and was yanked so hard, the pups 2 front paws left the ground.

A quick search of Ms. Campbell's training history revealed a torrid doggy affair in her past.  Yes, you read that right.  She got a little down and dirty in the K-9 Training Program.  Turns out, masturbating a dog was NOT part of the actual training, and will get you brought up on animal cruelty charges in the state of Virginia.  

Okay, so here we are with a forced signature on a surprise contract, and a doggy raping trainer, using the ill fitting prong collar, and you are unsure of what to expect once the trainer leaves.  You are responsible for the training now....well, until the next training visit.

For many families things went terribly wrong before that next visit occurred.

Upon learning of the above mentioned trainer's past dirty doggy drama, a request was sent for a new trainer from one family.  The request was denied, and training was withheld from the family.  This forced the family to be in breach of contract.

Another person, a veteran, hero, father, grandfather, found out he wasn't even going to receive a puppy, instead he would be receiving an older dog that was sold... and then returned.  The company hadn't even disclosed that the dog had already had $10,000 paid on it by the family that returned it, but they still wanted to charge this man $20,000 (full price)
When he questioned the price Warren got upset, and stopped contact with him.  A few days before the doggy delivery was supposed to happen, he received a phone call from another family, they (not warren) informed him that he would not be getting his dog, because he can't be trusted.  Apparently, he was friends with someone that Dan Warren disliked.  Private chats, full of derogatory comments towards this very nice man were taking place.  It went on and on, until someone finally stood up and stopped it.  Hope was lost for this man though.

The family of 2 Type 1 children received their dog, and it was sick.  Their puppy came during a time that a nasty parasitic outbreak of was moving around the Warren Cult Compound.  They did their best to treat the poor pup.  Then, they received a phone call to let them know that the trainer would be there soon to do more training.  The trainer showed up, put the leash on the pup (in front of the 4 year old) put the pup in the car, and left, as the 4 year old cried. The dog was never seen by the family again.  Warren claimed the dog had become aggressive, extremely ill and not properly cared for.  They dog was seen not much later by another family, the dog was playful and perfectly fine.  Another greedy Warren lie.  Warren had already taken $3,000 from the family, and refused to return it.

Another family was delivered a puppy with Patella Luxation.  They didn't know this until they took him to the vet.  The trainer was there, and called Warren.  They claimed to have never heard of Patella Luxation.  (Even though it was listed as something not covered in their contract) The family was devastated, and begged Dan to help.  He agreed to the surgery, but said it had to be done at the Warren Cult Compound.  The dog was there for 3 months.  When they finally got their pup back, he was limping on the right side.  They found out the dog was crated too long post op. At 6 months post op, the family took their dog in for a follow up.  Warren agreed to let the family's local vet do the post op with the promise that the vet would send them the results.  They learned from their vet that the legs were not healing, and now the dog had severe hip dysplasia and would need a hip replacement.  They were also informed that their dog could never be a service dog with all of these issues.  Warren decided that her vet could no longer be trusted, and that they should send the dog to him to look at.  The family knew then that something was wrong.  They hesitated but sent their dog back and agreed to take a replacement.  Dan took their money, their extremely disabled dog, and they never heard from him again.  No replacement, and no returned calls.  They later found out that their dog wasn't the only one with this problem.  There were many others.

There are many stories like these.  Many dogs that never alerted like they were supposed too.  Many disappointed families, and millions of dollars made by this "non profit" organization.  There have been 28 complaints filed against this company.  You can read multiple stories on the Stop the Scammers Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Dan Warren, AKA The Almighty Leader of the Deadbeat Dog Dealing Cult, thinks that he has the right to sue all of these families, and try to take their dogs back.  You can see a few of the lawsuits by clicking HERE

You can also help support the family of the latest Warren attack.  #BringChewyHome is finding it's way to the Twitter, and Facebook news feeds after Dan sent the sheriff to a family's home claiming "He feared for the safety of the dog."  This is after the family found out that their 20,000 dollar dog had a birth defect.  When they notified the Warren Cult Compound, they were immediately contacted by Dan.  He said that he would forgive the rest of their debt (after paying $7,000 towards the pup) and they could keep Chewy as long as they signed a gag order.  The family refused to sign a gag order because Dan had already hurt multiple families.  They didn't want to keep this a secret from other potential D.A.D. families. Then Dan.  filed a lawsuit against them, and many other families.  The day before the hearing, he dismissed the cases.  They hired a a different company to do the Diabetic alert training, and they did a phenomenal job with the training.  Their dog was alerting like a pro!  Everything was going well, and they didn't hear from Dan for 8 months.  Until he sent the motion to have the dog taken from the home because of safety concerns, and their life saving dog, and only comfort for the last 2 years was ripped from their home.  They are now on a mission to get their sweet doggy back!  You can follow their story by clicking HERE .

I really hope this helps some families that are looking for Service Dogs.  Please stay away from Warren Retrievers!  They are some of the biggest scam artists around.  You can Google "Warren Retriever complaint" and find multiple news stories, blogs, forums, etc... from families that are going through this hell. This man needs to be stopped.  He is an insane narcissist, and needs to be put out of business.  His dogs are over bred to the point of abuse.  The over breeding is causing many medical problems in the pups, and it's costing families thousands of dollars, multiple tears, and too much heart break.  

Make the Devil STOP SCAMMING! 

We are all on to you Dan Warren.  We know your scam, and we will spread the word.  Your followers never stick around once they learn the truth.  You will run out of people to scam eventually.  That pitcher of Kool-Aid will eventually run dry, and people will move on to something better.  Hopefully you will be in jail soon.

Did you miss part one? Click HERE to get the back story!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Perfectly Posh Giveaway!!

get-attachment (2)
About a year ago I had a sponsor from Perfectly Posh buy some ad space from me. I didn't think too much about it until she sent me some product for a review and giveaway. I fell in LOVE with the product. So much so that I went back and bought some for my daughter (they have a line for girls) and for myself. The more she sent me samples the more I fell in love with the products. I'm not a frilly girl who likes a lot of extra pampering, but with age and education I have come to love certain pampering products. Let me explain. They have natural based ingredients, use essential oils, are gluten free, no sulfates, no petroleum, NO ANIMAL TESTING, and they make the products here in the US so they actual give jobs to people like you and me. I'm also coming to a certain age where I need to take care of my skin. I run a lot out in the sun and I'm not 21 anymore. Having as many kids as I do and working full time, it's nice to pamper myself at the end of the day. Perfectly Posh makes it possible. Every single product they sell is UNDER $25. You can't really say that about too many other products. Do you see why I love them?
get-attachment (3)
Well, the school year is coming to an end and we are moving to Maryland in a few weeks. That means I am unemployed again. My husband gets orders every 3 years so it's time for me to leave my job and move. I was talking to a dear friend of mine, a fellow Marine wife, who just signed up as a Perfectly Posh Consultant, and she was telling me how great she had done in just less than two weeks. She had signed up under the girl who sponsored me last year. I went back to the website and saw all the products I could get for just $99 and decided worst case I would get $300 in product for a great price.
So I took the plunge and became a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant. My husband knew that I have been a little bummed about finding a job so he went to Hobby Lobby and bought me a sample kit and supplies for making Perfectly Posh samples and bags.
I'm so excited. I've already passed out about 10 Posh sample bags to friends who have never heard of the company. You see, Perfectly Posh is still new and people need to learn about it. I'm excited to spread the word!
So here I am offering a GIVEAWAY to you. I was going to choose a product to give you but I want you to choose your own product of choice. First, let me tell you some of my favorites.
download (6)
I freaking LOVE the Cozy Coma! This is like the best stuff ever. Even my baby loves this stuff. It's a bath bar but I use it in the shower too. Seriously, I have an addiction to this stuff.
Calm Down is something I would try and make from a Pinterest Board. This stuff is AMAZING! It smells good, it feels good, and it leaves my face feeling great. You have to try it! I love making samples for these because it smells so amazing.
Last but not least...Sweet Young Thing anti-aging, just what it says is just what I need. I'm not old, but I'm getting there. I love this stuff and I really feel like it helps. Don't I look young?
Okay, now to the good part. I will give one lucky winner ONE item from my website including free shipping to the continental US. Just enter the Rafflecopter below.
Good Luck
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway Disclaimer:
  • Open only in the Continental US.
  • Winner will be selected by and be notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.Funny Postpartum Lady is not responsible for shipment or distribution of Prize. I will make every effort to assist you obtaining your prize. If there is an issue with your prize, please notify the blog you won a prize from within 30 days for assistance, after that we may be unable to assist you.
  • My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway. By providing your information in this form, you are providing your information to me and me alone.
  • I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.
  • Must be 18 or older to enter this Giveaway

Now that you're done entering, go read some of my other stuff!!  
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